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Replace escaped quotes

I want to replace all escaped quotes, but leave default quotes. How can i do it? string s1 = '"five1,five2", six ,seven,"eig\"ht1,eight2","nine",,eleven'; String ...
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Replace Subject fields on Lightning Email Template

I'm having problems with replace() operations of text that I have in Subject of my Email Template. Subject is like: A - B - C My code is: EmailTemplate eTemplate = newEmail.searchForEmailTemplate('...
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Error escaping double quotes in large JSON string in Apex

I have large JSON response that I am trying to escape all instances of strings that are problematic for deserialization but am having some issues. Using .replaceAll works but that throws a "Regex too ...
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Replace String inside json inside Array Javascript

Hello guys I have a js file that has a list of json that have the next structure: [{"label":"9312 - Item1", "value":"9312"}, {"label":"9313 -...
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