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Action buttons are not visible in Task related list in lightning experience

I created a new object called Main Task and created a lookup on Task(Activity) to make a relationship between Task(Child) and Main Task(Parent). I added task related list(Sub Tasks) into Main task ...
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Impact New Customers Every hour - Journey Builder

I have one Journey to send emails on Journey Builder and we want to evaluate the New Contacts in every Hour (on that Data Extension that comes from FTP). This is an No-reentry Journey. So is available ...
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Getting parent record id as undefined in SF1

There is a custom obj, and i am trying to create a record from it's related list and it has aura component embedded with LWC. Now, I need to get the parent record id while creating a record from ...
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Default value is not getting prefilled while creating a new record using button

There is a master detail relationship between Opportunity and Work Order with opportunity as the master. I have created a custom list button on Work Order related list that will create new Work Order ...
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New Button missing on Custom related list

I have this weird issue where the New button is not appearing on the related list for a custom object. The profile in question has Create permissions (it's System Administrator), and when they click &...
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Add "New" Button to Metadata Related list

We have some related MetaData objects in Salesforce. However, when I'm on the parent metadata record, I can't add a child record from the related metadata record. I'm thinking the only way I can do ...
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Remove or replace field from an object lookup list in related list section

I need to remove or replace a field from an Object lookup in Related List Quick Links section like below This section doesn't let us customize the fields like "Select Fields to Display". Please help ...
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Add always visible NEW button to related list

I created a custom object, that is related to my Opportunities, and I would like to offer the possibility to create a new record of this custom object, but achieve this with the fewest clicks possible....
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lookup field is not getting populated in URL hacking in custom related list button in lightning

lookup field(Master) is not getting populated in URL hacking in custom related list button(Child object) in lightning. It is getting populated in classic. I have one parent object named Sample ...
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LookUp selected record not showing in related List

I hope this is a good Monday for ya'll! I have two objects, RFQ (master) and RFQ Lines (Children), I'm showing all related children on the master page using the Related List provided by the page ...
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