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Community Registration on iPad opens SF1 in Mobile Browser

I have created a branded home page / landing page using Community Builder. When a new community user register through the standard registration process in a browser, he is forwarded to the custom home ...
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Handle registration process in the middle of an SP initiated flow

Given that Salesforce is set as Identity provider a Salesforce community works as identity provider for the community users, and is allowed the self registration. consider that a Service Provider ...
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How can we do a Trialforce duplicate username check, before generating a Trial for customer?

Can we leverage anything from platform in detecting a duplicate username before hand for Trialforce registered customer orgs? The practice currently being followed is, user fills in the info (...
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Experience Builder Customer Portal Insufficient Privileges on Self Registration

Some quick info: Salesforce Edition: Non-Profit Where: Experience builder What: Registration error, insufficient privileges My profile: Full sys admin Full details: I am using the Customer Portal ...
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Remove username from Customer Portal Confirmation Email

I am attempting to modify the username of the confirmation e-mail for the Customer Portal that I have setup. I have created a custom login and am populating the portion of the username ...
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Can I Enable Self-Registration Redirection in Conjunction with SSO?

I have a question about Salesforce registration redirection capabilities and I am getting unclear answers from my googlings. Here is the situation: When an anonymous user at our partner site partner....
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Registration Manager sometimes null but SDK correct initialized

sometimes i receive a null pointer exception inside my app when i want to send some data with the registration manager to the SFMC. java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke interface method '...
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Visualforce page not occupying whole page

I am using visualforce page for community self-registration. Somehow it only covers the half page which looks weird. Screenshot attched. How can I fix this so that it occupies the whole page. Here ...
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Ways to implement an own registration process

I want to start a project and first I check the technical feasibility. I want to implement a login area. There a lot of people can registrate and have the possiblity to work with an interactive ...
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