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Data not commiting in Registration Handler

From external portal, user will be redirected to our community. So to acheive this we created a Auth provider and in that we are having our own registration handler. From external portal things are ...
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Setting up Social Sign On - Trailhead question

I am currently on the trailhead and working on the following question: Identity Management for Social Sign On when I get to the part where it directs Copy URL displayed in Test-Only Initialization URL ...
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Condition membership of experience site based on permission set for users created with createUser handler code

We have created handler code which works great for a community when the community is set to allow membership based on the profile that is also assigned by the handler code. We have a requirement ...
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Salesforce Registration Handler Interface Logic

In Salesforce, when configuring an Auth. Provider, we can create and customize a Registration Handler Class implementing this interface there are two methods that need to be implemented: global User ...
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Open Id Connect Account Linking

For the OpenId Connect pros out there: Regarding the RegistrationHandler Interface in Salesforce. I have tried searching online for insight but I am having difficulty finding a specific answer for two ...
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In need of assistance with writing a Registration Handler Test Class

I am in need of assistance here. Trying to implement a Registration Handler test class for production deployment, I don't seem to get the test class working, nor do I really know how to write tests. ...
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How to access JWT in registration handler using Auth provider (open id)

In our org we have an open Id auth provider setup that works fine along with the registration handler. The only issue is we are receiving only the email currently from the provider in the auth....
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Unable to deleteThirdPartyAccountLink record in RegistrationHandler apex class for SSO

I'm stuck in deleting ThirdPartyAccountLink record in RegistrationHandler apex class for SSO. After contacting salesforce support I got delete access on ThirdPartyAccountLink object. My class is ...
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