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0 answers

Reflected XSS vulnerability in checkmarx

The CheckMarx security scanner says that the below line is a Reflected XSS vulnerability. zip = apexpages.currentpage().getparameters().get('gnfzipcode').escapeHtml4(); The above code is from an Apex ...
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1 answer

How vulnerable is Salesforce to XSS attacks?

I'm working through tightening up our security and I'm curious about the vulnerabilities that are legitimate in Salesforce. I know that there are plenty of vague descriptions about "XSS Scripting&...
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How to fix SOQL Query Stored XSS

I have given my code for Security code Scanner but it is given the following error due to String attachmentQuery = 'SELECT id,E2CAdv__Attachment__c, E2CAdv__CaseId__c, E2CAdv__Attachment_links__c, ...
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RichText area field not eliminating XSS issue in checkmarx

I am writing escape=false in my VF Page like this. <apex:outputText escape="false" value="{!cr.Message__c}" rendered="{!(cr.Message__c)!= ''}"/><br/><br/> The Mesage__c is a custom ...
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Display a page in an iframe from a diferent domain

I am trying to build a simple visualforce page with an iframe. my page: <apex:page> <apex:iframe src="" scrolling="true" id="theIframe"/> </apex:page> ("...
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Stored XSS in database.query

We have submitted our code to security review. i'm facing stored xss vulnarabities as described in below lines, please some one help me on this. public map<string,RecordType> RecordTypeMap(...
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1 answer

Cross Site Scripting issue

I am getting XSS issue for the following statements in my code : a. lstDisplay.add(new SelectOption('','--None--')); b. lstDisplay.add(new SelectOption(selectOptionObj.getValue(),selectOptionObj....
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Reflected XSS problem

Checkmarx is flagging these lines as Reflected XSS,Lately I have been doing a lot of research on this but couldn't solve this one can someone point me as to why these are major security threats? ...
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How do I fix Stored XSS and Reflected XSS?

When submitted my code for scanning, I got a few error in the report which are "Reflected XSS and Stored XSS". So, would like to know if these are due to the usage of "jQuery, javascript and ...
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