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Journey Builder Recurring schedule

I'm trying to set up journey builder as a daily recurring schedule basis. The process would be; Select Recurring (schedule) Set up start date (ex: 2023/12/20) Set up end date (Daily, every 1 day, end ...
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Edit a Single Event in an Event Series in Apex

I need to edit a custom field on an Activity for a single Event in a series. Whenever I make the change and update it in Apex, it changes the value for all of the events in the series. In the ...
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Recurring tasks for Care Plans in Health Cloud

Is there a way to facilitate recurring tasks (object: Care Plan Template Task) under Care Plan- Problems and Goals? This is within Health Cloud. For example let's say for a physiotherapy treatment ...
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How to set recurring events IsReminder date and time using Apex

I am trying to create a recurring event which is a full day event and event will create every week and I want to set a reminder before 15 min of the event starts. Below are the lines which I am using. ...
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Lightning: Edit recurring event series causes trigger to fire twice

In trying to create a trigger for recurring events, I'm noticing the trigger firing twice. I'm doing this on a new and clean developer org, so no existing workflows, processes, flows, or triggers. ...
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How much data will maximum into the journey?. when choosing Recurring Schedule as repeat 'every daily' in 1 time

I have a problem when have 30,000 data. When choosing Recurring Schedule as repeat every daily, there are thousand data into the journey. I would like to know how much Recurring Schedule as repeat '...
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