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1 answer

Social Studio monthly mentions limit

The social studio basic version limits to 20k the mention count. What is that referring to? is that the mention count of my brand that the platform would analyze?
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0 answers

Measurement of billable social mentions consumed in salesforce radian6 (social studio)

Salesforce social studio (part of salesforce marketing cloud) charges based on count of mentions tracked. As I've limited amount of credits available in my account to track mentions. Though I haven't ...
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Social Studio Data Model

I am looking for social studio data model, how social studio save the posts. Is there any one who is aware of social studio data model? BR
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Social Studio Radian 6 Intregration with salesforce [closed]

I am using Social Studio to analyse the social data of FB and Twitter. How can I integrate it with Salesforce so I can create a case in Salesforce for the posts and tweets?
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Invalid Thread ID Error When Replying to Facebook from Salesforce

We have enabled Social Customer Service in a sandbox. It runs perfectly well for me however one of the testers gets the below error when he tries to reply to a facebook message/post from the ...
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Lead generation from social studio

I have read that leads can be manually created via Social Hub (document link: by adding the Salesforce ...
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Radian 6 customised query for historical data [closed]

I am a radian 6 user and I am looking at getting historical twitter measures (tweets,followers,following data) for many twitter handles at once. Currently i can get the data from Radian 6 but I need ...
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