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The Quote object represents a quote, which is a record showing proposed prices for products and services. Quotes can be created from and synced with opportunities, and emailed as PDFs to customers

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Programmatically generate Quote PDF in Lightning Component Apex controller

I'm trying to programmatically generate and insert a Quote PDF, given a Quote Id and a Template Id, within an @AuraEnabled method in my Lightning component's server-side controller. (N.b. - the ...
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2 answers

Increment Record based on field

I'd like to increment fields based on the quote field, so when a quote is created, a custom field will increment depend on the region (each field will have format of "ZO - {000}). Each region should ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Pricebook and PricebookEntries with different currencies

Can Pricebook and its PricebookEntries have different currencies? So, if I create a Pricebook with currency USD and its PricebookEntries with multiple currency like USD, GBP, AUD, etc., is this ...
5 votes
2 answers

Apex & VF Code of Send Quote as E-Mail

I'd like to send my own Quote-PDF as E-Mail and not use the useless Salesforce Quote-PDF function. Problem is, using my own templates I can no longer use the native send Quote per E-Mail button. My ...
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SingleEmailMessage SetWhatId with Quote Id

I am currently recreating much of the OOB Quote functionality in Apex and I am almost complete. Now there is just one other hurdle, the Email Quote functionality. Now, it doesn't seem like an issue......
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SalesForce Mobile SDK how to generate quote PDF programmatically?

I am creating a mobile app using Salesforce MobileSDK with Hybrid approach (using phonegap and Jquery Mobile). I have a need to generate Quotes programmatically. I know how to do this. But, I am not ...