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Questions tagged [quickbooks-api]

For questions which is asked for `quickbooks to salesforce` and `salesforce to quickbooks` integration by using `Quickbooks-API` can use this tag.

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Quickbook access token generated in Salesforce is not working

Below is the request & reponse, i'm doing to get the access token from quickbook in salesforce, but this access token is not working, i tried that in Apex & in postman but not working. Getting ...
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Salesforce Quickbooks Oauth2.0 Integration

I am working on integrating Salesforce with Quickbooks using Oauth 2.0. I am able to get Access token and Refresh token with the help of client_d and consumer_secret. The scope of access token is - ...
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Issue whie generating auth signature in salesforce

I am facing an issue while generation Auth signature in salesforce. I tried to test the API from Postman and it works well with key and token. Even when I change the Authorization Header in Apex to ...
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Quickbooks and Salesforce Authentication OAuth Errpr

I am doing an integration of Quickbooks and Salesforce as 3-rd party solutions do not satisfy my requirements. I created Quickbooks online developer account and have an app and Customer Key and ...
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QuickBooks Integration with Salesforce getting java.lang.NullPointerException exception

I am integrating Salesforce with QuickBooks with QB Online V3 API, OAuth is successful but when I am trying to fetch all invoices from Quickbooks SandBox Company but getting the following response:- ...
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Invalid singnature in quickbooks authentication

Hi i am trying to create query to quickbook but getting invalid signature can anybody help me where public class class1 { public class1() { string ...
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Quickbook to Salesforce Integration

I am using quickbook API for integrating with salesforce.I have created an app on developer account on intuit. From there we got the consumer key and consumer secret. using both i am creating a ...
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