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Is regular date for deployment beneficial? [closed]

The company is thinking about introducing a proper version control/source control. Within this process is considered an idea to introduce a regular date for deployment to production, for example every ...
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Does Quick Deploy deploy directly from the source org, or from a snapshot?

I couldn't find any immediate answers when I Googled this, so I'm providing a Q&A style post for posterity. If I validate a change set from my sandbox to production, then I make a change to one of ...
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Why do we have higher apex async executions on days we deploy to Production?

We call the following endpoint at the same time each day to get a count of our daily async executions to track our usage. /services/data/v50.0/limits The following response gives us the # of daily ...
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SFDX Creating a deployment pipeline to run specific test on Azure

We are trying to implement an pipeline on Azure to deploy our code to a sandbox. We would like to have a similar approach to what Change sets are doing. For that we are thinking on deploy just what is ...
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Programmatically running "Quick Deploy"

After successfully completing a checkOnly deployment, is it possible to programmatically run the "Quick Deploy" action? Example: sfdx force:mdapi:deploy -d dist/my-pkg -w 5000 -c I don't see ...
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Deactivate all triggers and validation rules as post refresh step?

I have multiple sandbox related to the production org. Currently I wanted to refresh my full copy sandbox, There is a way that i can provide an apex class to run post refresh. The apex class which ...
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Error while deploying components

I am getting apex test failure messages while validating my Lightning components. I am using Ants tool. Getting the same error "line -1, column -1: __MISSING LABEL__ PropertyFile - val dependent....
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Successfully deployed change set still shows in 'Awaiting Deployment', can I delete it?

I have a change set that was successfully deployed but has still been sitting in the 'Change Sets Awaiting Deployment' queue. When I click on it the deployment history shows the following: Validate:...
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What operations would cause a validated changeset to become invalidated and lose the Quick Deploy option?

When I validate a changeset it takes 4 - 6 hours to run all tests, then once validated the Quick Deploy option is available. I will schedule the deployment to happen 2 to 3 days after that, as ...
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How to Parallel y deploy two packages using Quick Deploy option

I am having Two packages for every release to the production before the deployment window i validate them successfully with Prod to keep them ready for deployment, I what to see the Quick deploy ...
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Giving Access to Apex classes Through ANT

we have a new permission set, we want to give the apexclass access to this permission set through ANT. we are able to retrieve the Unmanaged classes but we are not able to retrieve the permissions for ...
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Can anything be done to accelerate Ant deployment times?

We are using Ant (a mix of command line, as well as through Atlassian Bamboo/AWS) to do sandbox-to-sandbox deployments. To narrow the focus of this question, let's assume unit tests are not being run. ...
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