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Questions tagged [querylocator]

Represents the record set returned by Database.getQueryLocator and used with Batch Apex.

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Read access denied: getQueryLocator(soql) vs. query(soql)

I am attempting to add pagination, and I followed this great article by Jeff Douglas. I am an admin so when I run the page it runs great, I can navigate forwards, back. When I log in as a user my ...
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Execute Method in Batchable Class does not execute on all records returned in Start method Querylocator

I am seeing a very similar issue to the one discussed in this question, which was due to a bug in Spring '17. The Querylocator returned by the Start method returns 9,989 records, which I can verify ...
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Batch Class Error: Start did not return a valid iterable object

I have a simple piece of batch code that iterates over all Location__c records that don't already have Folders. It then calls a method to create the missing folders. public with sharing class ...
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How can I work with both QueryLocator and List<SObject> in a single batch class (not a single instance)?

I've been working on a chainable batch class. The constructor can take in either a service & query or a service & list of records. In almost all cases, the service/query are passed in. In ...
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INVALID_QUERY_LOCATOR on queryMore on node js

I m getting INVALID_QUERY_LOCATOR error on using queryMore operation using the Enterprise WSDL on node js. Below is the code client.query({queryString:"Select Id,Name FROM Account ORDER BY Name"},...
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Database.querylocater on external object in batch class not returning any rows

I am writing a batch class on external object. Here I am using database.getQuerylocator in start method as the result will contain more thank 50k records. Batch class code: global class <...
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QueryLocator timeout problem?

I have a StandardSetController that I navigate through pages... from a VF page. However, if I let the web page sit for around 15 min or so (not sure about the time) and then try and click the next or ...
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Get count of open Query Locators

For debugging porpuses, we would like to get the count of the open "QueryLocators" for an organisation.Is this possible somehow? Thanks
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How can I make my <account> variable filterType equal to the first account returned in a StandardSetController Query?

how would this work with a dynamic search page I have a visual force search page and I have used the stadardsetcontroller for pagination. The initial query during page load is working for me. ...
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Batch Apex ignores records even without subquery in start()

Basically the querylocator returns about 200000 records at the start, I can see it in logs, also there are not any errors or limits warnings. The size of each job matters because the smaller it is,...
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Inner SOQL query API Call

I am using a SOQL query that uses an inner query that returns the parent details along with all child details as one json record as API response. I would like to know how can nexturl be used when a ...
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