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Marketing Cloud SOAP UpdateRequest for a QueryDefinition fails - Bad Request

When I run (in Postman) the SOAP UpdateRequest for a QueryActivity below, I get 'Bad Request' as a response. What do I need to do to get this UpdateRequest working? There's no example in the Marketing ...
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SSJS QueryDefinition fails to create a Query Activity

I have the following SSJS code to create a Query Definition but it fails. I cannot seem to find why? Am I missing something here? I have manually created and execute a Query; It worked but it fails ...
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SOAP Envelop for Marketing Cloud - Update Query Activity

I have already created a Query Activity in Salesforce marketing cloud using the SOAP API and it was success. My next step to update the SQL Query in the Query Activity using SOAP API. Unfortunately ...
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How to Create / Update Query using WSProxy method?

I am trying to create / Update Query Definition using SSJS WSProxy method. This is my script: <script runat="server" > Platform.Load("core","1.1"); var api=new Script.Util.WSProxy(); ...
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Category ID Shows 0 for Query Definition Retrieve

I am trying to Retrieve the Query Definition's Folder ID using SSJS but every time it shows 0 for CategoryID for the Query Definition. My simple SSJS as follows: <script runat="server"> ...
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Creating Query Definition with SSJS

I am trying to create Query Definition using SSJS but its not working for me. my code as follows: <script runat="server"> Platform.Load("Core","1.1"); var queryDef = { Name : "Example ...
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4/21 release - change with SSJS Update Query Definition?

My fairly static SSJS code that updates a query definition started failing on 4/21 with no changes on my end. Was something changed that would cause this very straightforward code to return a value of ...
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