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getting error [NoErrorObjectAvailable] Script error

import { LightningElement, track } from 'lwc'; import { subscribe, unsubscribe, onError } from 'lightning/empApi'; import { ShowToastEvent } from 'lightning/platformShowToastEvent'; ...
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1 answer

LWC pubsub event to multiple other LWC

I have a flexipage where I have an LWC where I select a value (a client name) from a combobox. On the same flexipage I have a Tabs component where I have an LWC in each tab for the different objects ...
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Handle click event in experience site Nav bar menu ( Home menu) when clicking from a LWC component

I am trying to handle a click event on any of my Experience site menu items from one of my lwc components TO Handle when there are any unsaved changes and a user is navigating away from the page after ...
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pubsub not working

I've gotten this to work before, but for some reason after fireEvent the listener is never reached. js where fireEvent happens: import { LightningElement, track, api, wire } from 'lwc'; import { ...
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PubSub API Error subscribing from a replay Id

I am trying to connect to salesforce using PubSub API communication in order to receive events from SF, I am using the following project example: ...
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2 answers

Vlocity - how to communicate with flexcard from omniscript opened in a modal?

I'm working on a community solution which is intended to be very low code, so using Vlocity. Like a lot of declarative solutions, they can make some simple things complicated. I'm getting a bit hung ...
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2 answers

An object 'pubsub' of type LightningComponentBundle was named in package.xml, but was not found in zipped directory

I am trying to deploy an application to my developer organization. The Github repo of the application and the command I am using are as below. Github Repo:
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1 answer

pubsub error while deploying the component in lightning web component

I have created a pubsub component and i am trying to deploye the subscribe component A and B and facing the below error No MODULE named markup://C:pubsub found : [markup://c:pubsubComponentA] Do ...
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How to Pass the Data from One LWC to Another LWC during Navigation when using Lightning Messaging Service

Requirement: I want to pass the data from One LWC to another LWC. Both LWC are not on the same page but added in Different Tab. So, when I pass the Data from LWC lmsNavComA, I should expect to see the ...
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3 answers

Impact of not calling "unregisterAllListeners" in PubSub module

Is it necessary to call unregisterAllListeners() in Pub Sub model? What is the impact if we do not call unregisterAllListeners(). Kindly advice. Thanks. Janakiraman
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5 votes
1 answer

Lightning message service vs platform events vs pubsub

Are they diffrerent or same? I just started knowing this technology and wanted to know if it is enough to learn only one of it
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LWC pub sub : subscribing component fetching stale data from apex

I am having two separate LWC components on the App Page. One is for adding Team members(Call it A 'members-skills') and other for showing all the team members(Call it B 'Team list'). Current ...
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1 answer

Is platform event limits considered for every 24 hours or hourly?

I am bit confused on the period considered for event limits. As per the doc the 250K limit(Unlimited) is for 24 hr rolling period But when i see check the object that gives the limits for the events ...
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2 answers

PubSub Event is not getting fired LWC

Hello Everyone can anyone pls help why I am not able to console.log(apexParam), I am not even getting any alert and my FireEvent is also not getting fired Cmp which is firing the event HTML <...
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Send message to aura components from lwc

I have a requirement to send messages from LWC component to an Aura component. The component exist on the page independently, i.e LWC is not embedded in an aura component. The components are in a ...
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