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1 answer

How to view public (shared) calendars in Salesforce Mobile app?

I've researched a lot about this and found out that Salesforce mobile doesn't support public calendars. Are there are any (hopefully free) third-party apps on appexchange which support this? Or can we ...
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How do I add an event to a specific public calendar using a flow and "New Event" action?

First let me say that I'm new to salesforce so forgive me if I should be doing this another way. I have a record-triggered flow with the goal to add a sales appointment to a public calendar named &...
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2 answers

How to programmatically display public calendar on own calendar?

I have a public calendar that is shared with a public group. An observation I've made is that you have to manually add a calendar that has been shared with you. It doesn't automatically appear on your ...
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2 answers

Not able to add Public Calendar as Community User on Community

I have added the Calendar component to a page on my Salesforce Community. When I login as a Portal User and try to Add Calendar, I don't see the Public Calendar and Resources option in the dropdown. ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Is there a way to programmatically subscribe Users to a Public Calendar?

With the release of Public Calendars in Lightning this update, we are moving a central calendar for our Sales users from a specific user over to a Public Calendar. We would like to seamlessly move ...
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1 vote
1 answer

calendar sharing based on role or profile

I have a requirement where the calendars should be shared based on role/profiles. For eg: I have a profile named Marketing. This Marketing profile user's calendar should be shared with Sales Manager ...
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Users are not able to access the desktop view on the Mobile Devices/ Tablets for the community portal?

How can I give them Desktop view access to Partner"community" users in Tablet/Mobile devices Browsers. ex: need to show entire calender access in home page like desktop view and need to show ...
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1 answer

Build a Custom Calendar in Lightning

My client has a requirement to build a Lightning Calendar. The 'outofthebox' calendar will not satisfy our requirements. We would need something which has excel like format with rows as "projects ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How to provide authenticated iCal feed from salesforce to any other calendar application?

I wanted to publish an ics file as an iCal feed from  salesforce which can be consumed by any calendaring application supporting internet calendar feature. Currently i have exposed this ics file from ...
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4 votes
1 answer

When creating an EventRelation of a public calendar validation does not function as expected

I'm using Process Builder and Visual Workflow to sync a custom appointment object and its "Room" selection picklist with the public resource calendars we set up for our conference rooms. Here's how it ...
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6 votes
1 answer

'Unable to Access Page' error when clicking 'Save & New Task' from public calendar event

A user reported that they were unable to click the 'Save & New Task' button when on a public calendar. I was able to find a Known Issue here but it has No Fix and no way to mark that I'm effected ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Using Process Builder to Create an Event in A Public Calendar

I am working with Process Builder and trying to set the "Assigned To" to a public calendar. I have created and shared a caldendar with several users and I am trying to get an event to show up on their ...
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Can we customize/override this "+" icon on the Salesforce Calendar? If Yes, How?

I want to auto-populate some fields from an object to event while going through the calendar. Cause the plus icon on calendar redirects to the next page, i wanted to know if we can anyhow override ...
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1 answer

Custom Calendar - de-reference a null object - PRODUCTION

I'm running into an interesting issue, in production. I'm building a custom calendar, which the code was taken from open source Ross Heuss. I've made some tweaks and such, in sandbox it works ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Public calendar is Salesforce1 mobile app

I'd like to access (read/write) public calendars from Salesforce1 mobile app. This is not supported in standard Salesforce1. I looked for AppExchange apps, but I didn't find any application that meets ...
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1 answer

How To Add Event to a Public Calendar using Apex?

I need to automate adding Event records to a Public Calendar. Is it possible to do so using Apex? I tried using the OwnerId field, but no luck.
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