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LWC Object converted to Proxy [duplicate]

I am calling my Apex controller from connectedCallback and assigning a variable the value od data wich is returned by method. I am able to view the data when it is returned correctly in component but ...
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Facing System.CalloutException: Unable to tunnel through proxy. Proxy returns "HTTP/1.1 503 Service Unavailable [duplicate]

I'm having trouble with the API. I tried hitting the endpoint with Postman and the browser, and it worked great. However, when I try hitting the same endpoint from Salesforce using Apex and an HTTP ...
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Why is `JSON.parse` returning a proxy object?

Because Lightning Web Components so often wrap objects in proxy objects, we long ago created a deProxyObj in order to be able to log to the console while debugging. const deProxyObj = (proxyObj) => ...
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How to Make an Apex Callout to a REST API via a Proxy Server?

I need to make a callout to a REST API from Apex. This API is accessed via a proxy server - I have the proxy server URL, port, username, and password. How do I construct my request in Apex such that ...
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Proxy on all Objects and Arrays logged in LWC - Salesforce

Good afternoon, Witnessing strange behavior today in the browser's developer console when logging objects and arrays from my lightning web component. All objects and arrays are being logged as "...
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I try to do callout to my apex rest service from first to second dev org, but got CalloutException

String endPoint = ''; Http h2 = new Http(); HttpRequest req1 = new HttpRequest(); req1.setHeader('Authorization','...
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How do I send data from a Proxy to a function in LWC?

I'm trying to send a data of a response in a function like function(response) in my LWC, but the response is a Proxy container with format like Proxy {}[[Handler]]: En[[Target]]: Array(0)[[IsRevoked]]:...
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Track property do not work properly with Object methods

Setup: @track states = { first: true, second: false }; What I'm trying to achieve: I want to check if this.states has any true values. What I've tried Object.values(this.states).some(v => ...
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LWC optional chaining "array?.length' in expression causes output of "[object Object]"

Context: In my LWC, I have an array that may not be defined, and I want to check its length. So I use the optional chaining arr?.length to not error if the array is undefined. I also want to default ...
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Is it possible to make a synchronous upsert request for multiple records with Salesforce native Ids instead of external Ids?

I'm currently developing a system which, among other things, will act as a proxy for Salesforce's APIs. We may occasionally want/need to send a collection of new and updated data through the proxy ...
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What is lwc doing to custom ES6 Proxies?

The Problem: I am experiencing broken behavior when I pass Proxies as Event details or as public properties. Requirement: they need to wrap a {nested: {value: "Foo"}}. I experienced this ...
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Getting a 404 error while trying to connect backend Api from the Heroku deployed Angular Api

I have successfully deployed my angular app onto Heroku. I have implemented the proxy.conf.json file to connect to the Backend API (which is also deployed in Heroku and its a Java JAX-RS REST API) and ...
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Fetching data from Tempo API fails [closed]

I am trying to fetch data from Tempo API. I added and enabled Tempo URL in Remote Site settings. Now I am making a query to their API and it fails with error Unable to tunnel through proxy. Proxy ...
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Unable to tunnel through proxy. Proxy returns "HTTP/1.1 503 Service Unavailable"

I'm perfoming a HTTP GET callout to an external cURL connected through proxy, using Postman i get the response. However, while making callout from Salesforce, it gives the following error: System....
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How to bypass immutable proxy objects when using an external and old jquery library in LWC

Please note I'm fairly new to LWC and even SalesForce (like barely 2 weeks into it). I'm trying to use SlickGrid with LWC, note that this jQuery lib was created over 10 years ago, and I got that ...
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Local LWC - Proxy Issue

Just getting into LWC and local development, so bear with me. Are there local LWC development proxy settings? I have been looking for a bit, but can't find anything. Basically, I'm getting the ...
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System.CalloutException: Unable to tunnel through proxy. Proxy returns "HTTP/1.1 503 Service Unavailable"

I'm trying to make an HTTP Request to other System. They provided the endpoint URL which contains a Port number. When I'm trying to make the request I ...
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How to unproxy LockerService wrapped data for debugging via console.log()?

In Lightning Components I love to use console.log() to get an understanding what is happening. Often there is data shown as "Proxy{}", which looks in the console like this I KNOW that there is fine ...
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