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Salesforce Certification or Salesforce real life projects? [closed]

Which is more important Salesforce Certification or Salesforce real life projects? I already have 4 Certs (PD1, App Builder, Associate, AI Associate) and 1 year work experience. But I do NOT have any ...
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Separating SObject metadata into multiple folders inside a package (sometimes) causes errors during deployment

I'm am having some problems in a sfdx project where I am trying to gradually modularise the "happy-soup" metadata. I found out what is happening, but not the 100% of why or how to solve it. ...
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Salesforce DX nested LWC folder structure and different deployment methods result in different behaviour in sandbox [duplicate]

I have this nested lwc folder structure --force-app -- main -- default -- lwc -- parent -- lwc -- child When trying to deploy into my sandbox: in vscode if I ...
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Project structure and modular development best practices

I want to stop using the usual force-app/main/default single folder project structure in order to better organize my projects and decouple dependancies. While researching about this practice, I found ...
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