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2 answers

500 internal error at profile center

I try to build a profile center in marketing cloud cloud page, but got this 500 internal server error" is there anything wrong with my amp script my ampscript: %%[ SET @contactId = Id IF NOT ...
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Standard Marketing Cloud Profile Center to update Salesforce Contact

I am using the standard SFMC Profile Center with Salesforce integrated (Fields mapped) to manage profile attributes and preferences. When a contact modifies his attributes on this profile center, the ...
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1 answer

Custom Profile Center Throwing 500 internal server error

I've set up a custom profile center, based on a boiler plate from adam spriggs and its working on the preview, but it breaks when I try to open it from an email or open it from a email preview. <...
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1 answer

Retrieving custom fields from all subscriber lists using Ampscript

I have been working on a profile centre, which can update certain fields like name and email on the all subscriber list. I have been able to do the update part using the code below SET @sub = ...
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Display (or host) the Default Profile Center on a custom url?

There are a few posts and answers as for how to implement a Custom Profile Center. Evalutations talk about a 30-50 hours effort, which the client doesn't have budget for. So, my question is a bit ...
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2 answers

Commented-out Profile Center link removed in the Plain Text version. Marketing Cloud complains about it

We have built some custom Content Blocks for emails for our client so that they can drag-and-drop them and build their own mails without the help of HTML. All the necessary links are provided in the ...
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1 answer

Custom Profile center code along with admin page in sfmc documentation clarification?

Please refer to this post Build a Custom Profile Center for Multi-Org purpose and then to this link in the sfmc documentation:
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2 answers

Subscription Center languages

I read in the documentation that the pages related to the OOTB subscription center are automatically translated into 21 languages. I would like to know if there is a way to manage the languages that ...
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1 answer

How and when are the Profile Center attributes populated

I have created a few Profile Center Attributes like First Name, Last Name, Gender etc. and have also mapped them to our salesforce Contacts object in the Salesforce tab within the attribute properties....
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