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What features do we get by enabling Web Services API in Professional Edition?

Our client has got Professional Edition and has purchased Web Services API in it. So, I would like to know what are the different features (any document that provides these details) that come by ...
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How can I know via API how many fields are allowed to create in custom object

I am trying to create sql table structure in salesforce as an object. In salesforce, there is a field limitation that allows only creation of 100 fields (I am using PE). My SQL table contains more ...
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Is Process Builder available in Professional Edition?

I would like to know if Process Builder is available in Professional Edition, also, what happen if we attempt to install a managed package that contains Process Builder as dependency?
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Building an App that works in Group & Professional Edition?

What are the considerations when trying to build an AppExchange Application that works for Group or Professional Edition? I understand that there are a lot of Professional edition org and it would be ...
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Integrating Salesforce with AS400

I am looking to integrate Salesforce (Professional Edition) with AS400 and would like to see any modifications made on records in AS400 should instantaneously reflect in Salesforce and vice versa. For ...
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2 answers

OnClick JavaScript in PE

On a project for a client I am using a field on Opps as part of a conditional formula field on Opps Prod. The result of that formula needs to be able to be summed from all Opp Prods, and the total ...
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What happens with my app when it contains a lookup to Campaign and we use the app in Group Edition

Image I create an app that contains a lookup field to Campaign. The field is not mandatory, and is only used when a user wants to use it. Can a user install the app with a Group Edition license? If ...
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Integrating our 3rd party application with Salesforce

We integrate search across clouds, including GMail, Yahoo, Dropbox etc.. and plan to include support for Salesforce. We want to enable integration in such a way that users can seamlessly access read ...
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Enabling API access for GE/PE Edition: How to Append Partner Token to clientId for SOAP Call Salesforce?

I have received a partner token from Salesforce which needs to be appended in SOAP header, I am using following code to authenticate a valid session, but I am not sure where I need to append partner ...
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