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Upsert Product2 by ExternalId field fails with a strange error

I have read the documentation about ExternalId field on Product2 standard object ExternalId Type: string Properties: Create, Filter, Group, Nillable, Sort, Update Description: The unique identifier ...
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Cannot create formula using lookup object?

I just modified The standard salesforce object Product2 To include a custom property - a checkbox. I want to map this property out to the cart it belongs to. the way a product is associated to to a ...
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Can BizAPIs Handle Captcha-Protected Portals and Process Information? [closed]

Can BizAPIs process information and access portals that require a captcha?
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How to Share product2 records after migration?

I am working on data migration from one SF org to another SF. After migration of product2 records, edit access to products should be granted to few product manager users. However, facing Salesforce ...
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How to Get Product2 with their Translations in Product2DataTranslation with SOQL [duplicate]

We have Product data stored in Product2 Object and its translation data in Product2DataTranslation how I can get English-translated Product Name and Descriptions of a Product2 with a single Query?
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Unable to retrieve a custom field from Product2 in a LWC built of the B2B Commerce store front

I have built a LWC designed for B2B Commerce store Product Details page. I need to retrieve a custom field I have added to the product2 object in order to pass this to an iframe as a reference. To do ...
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Deployment of Vlocity Insurance Product Configuration

Is there any way from where we can deploy Vlocity Insurance Industry components like Vlocity Attributes Category, Vlocity Attributes, Child Products (Coverage Spec/Insured Party/Insured Item), root ...
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How can a flow access an opportunity's product?

I need to access opportunity products through a flow, and I don't know how... I tried point at the product ID, but of course, it doesn't work. Can you help, please?
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Custom Field Not Showing Up for Opportunity Product

I would like my sales team to see a custom field — Unit of Measurement (UOM), which is a pick list — for each product when they’re adding it to an opportunity. I have added the UOM field to the ...
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Internal server error,While querying data on UserFieldAccess Object to fetch the field accessibility of PriceBook2 or Product object only from LWC

I have an Apex class with a single apex method, where I am querying on UserFieldAccess object to get the field accessibility of Opportunity.PriceBook2 field for a particular user. Apex class - public ...
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ConnectApi.CommerceCatalog.getProduct on inactive product

I am working on a B2B commerce project and I have issues with deactivated products (IsActive=false)
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Users at same level in Role Hierarchy to Delete Products created by others

If two users are at the same level in the Role Hierarchy is it possible to allow them to delete each-others Product2 records without the Modify All data permission? I see as of Summer '22 it will be ...
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