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Private Static variable get method fails with error Variable is not visible

I do not understand why I get an error in the line isExecuting = false (Variable is not visible) But if I comment out that line the error disappears. Thus, from the same getter, the line if ( ...
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Unexpected token 'Boolean'

Hey guys I'm new to Apex and even pretty new to Java, It's probably a stupid mistake but I can't figure it out. I am getting "Unexpected token 'boolean'." error , tried with both Boolean and ...
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How to make the code resource URL private for SFMC use only [closed]

I need to restrict the access of code resource endpoints to SFMC use only. Some update codes are added in SSJS which will be called from SFMC. In case the URL is exposed somehow, I don't want to have ...
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Apex @RestResource returning result inner class exposes private attributes

Any simple @RestResource may return results in the form of an instance of an inner class. I expect any private attribute of the inner class to stay exposed only to the inner class, thus not be ...
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Apple rejection based on method names

Apple has just rejected our app based on what they call "non-public API usage." In their email they identify a number of method names which they consider possible violations of their non-public API ...
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How do I change the default on opportunity Notes and Attachments to be NOT private?

opportunity notes and attachments are always set to private by default but Users wanted it be made public by default.
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How to debug Private Method in Developer Console

I have a private method with parameter, How can i debug the below code using Developer Console. Example : public class TestExam { public static void updateRecord(String name) { } } ...
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How to check if user has access to make post into chatter group?

How to check by Apex code if user has access to make post into chatter group?
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OWD and Sharing Rule scenario with Role Hirerachy

I was doing some workbook and came across below scenario. I have created a Custom Object called Position. I have set the OWD as Private for custom object Position and setup a Role Hierarchy where ...
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