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Lightning record page printable view or PDF

I need to create a printable view (or PDF) of a record's Lightning Page (think "tear sheet") that includes a compact "details" section, compact related list tables, and a custom ...
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LWC save or print as pdf

I have built out an LWC to that I'm displaying externally in a community (public). I trying to put a print/save button on the LWC to print/save the LWC as a PDF. I've looked into jspdf and some others,...
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Print all iframes in Lightning Component

We display vf pages rendered as pdfs in a lightning component which generates these documents. We would like to implement a print all button that would print the contents of all the iframes. I have ...
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selectRadio, inputTextArea not rendering in Visualforce Page as PDF

thanks for reading! I'm trying to render some fields as PDF in my Visualforce Page and I can't understand why the data is being rendered fine but not the fields itself. <div class="content&...
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PDF not generated in printable view

Below is my controller public class MyController { public Letter__C letter{get;set;} public String isPDF { get; set; } public Boolean bolPrintableView {get;set;} public MyController(){ ...
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How to print Lightning icon?

We're having below markup in Lightning component. <lightning:icon aura:id="statusIcon" iconName="action:check" size="xx-small"/> When java-script is controller prints the page with this ...
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Pass HTML Code to JSPDF or similar

I need some advise with the following use case: We have a custom object "Invoice" and want to generate the Invoice PDF using a JavaScript Library that is able to convert an HTML Code of the ...
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View Quick Action Lightning Component as pdf

I have this below lightning component from where I am calling a lightning web component. This lightning component is called from quick action. I need to print this content as pdf. When I click the ...
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Same image displayed in footer and body of PDF,but with different size in footer and body

Same image want to display with different size in PDF. image size 20px in footer and 200px in page . In normal visualforce page it works fine but when rendered as PDF. it's not working, its overriding ...
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How to print record(s) and update fields at the same time?

I have a requirement that involves Printing a "document(s)" and then updating it to mark it as printed (custom "isPrinted" field). I am really struggling to find the best way to do this. I've ...
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Attach a dynamic PDF page

I have a requirement to create a pdf page in a new window based on dynamicly created records of custom object Incident__c when an User clicks a custom button. Then mail the PDF to the User. Please ...
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