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Updating External Credential Principal's Client Id and Client Secret via Apex

Using Apex, trying to: Create an External Credential for Client Credentials with Client Secret Flow Add a Principal with a Client Id and Client Secret Associate it with an existing Named Credential ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How do you correctly populate an External Credential from a Principal for a Named Credential?

In Salesforce, I want to consume a web API which I can successfully call from my command line like: curl --location '' \ --header 'app-id: SomeApiKey' In ...
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0 answers

Rotating External Credential Principal

I am looking to call an external API from Salesforce using AWS Signature v4. The external API is using AWS API Gateway with IAM authorization enabled. I have created an access key for an IAM user and ...
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Cannot Add Principal To Named Credential

I am trying to create a named credential with a principal using the instructions at this URL - Using API Keys with Named Credentials But, in the "Store an API Key as an Authentication Parameter ...
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