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Apex Naming Conventions Formatter

I'd like to auto format apex class/method/field names on pre-commit hook. I'm looking for rules like PMD fieldnamingconventions but to be automatically formatted like Prettier can do. https://pmd....
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ESLint/prettier conflict when using cumulusci namespace placeholder in Apex

I am getting the below error when I run npm run prettier and when I commit (since I have a husky hook) a couple of Apex classes that use namespace placeholders . Error: Found punctuation symbol or ...
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Prettier not autocompleting html class for LWC

I'm using MS Visual Studio Code the latest version. I'm on Java 18, the latest version. Latest NPM and have re-installed the Salesforce Extenstion Pack and re-installed Prettier. Originally I was ...
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Formatting Visualforce Pages in VSCode on Save

can someone confirm how to get prettier working with visualforce pages on save in VSCode? I have tried in a fresh project but it never works. Steps taken: SFDX: Create Project npm install SFD: Create ...
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