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How can I get `prettier` to properly format perm set XML files with `flowAccess`?

Our team is working with mock permission sets in our project for testing features. We have triggers to apply prettier when saving or committing files, and it's been breaking our perm set metadata ...
1 vote
0 answers

ESLint/prettier conflict when using cumulusci namespace placeholder in Apex

I am getting the below error when I run npm run prettier and when I commit (since I have a husky hook) a couple of Apex classes that use namespace placeholders . Error: Found punctuation symbol or ...
2 votes
0 answers

Apex Naming Conventions Formatter

I'd like to auto format apex class/method/field names on pre-commit hook. I'm looking for rules like PMD fieldnamingconventions but to be automatically formatted like Prettier can do. https://pmd....
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0 answers

Prettier not autocompleting html class for LWC

I'm using MS Visual Studio Code the latest version. I'm on Java 18, the latest version. Latest NPM and have re-installed the Salesforce Extenstion Pack and re-installed Prettier. Originally I was ...
3 votes
1 answer

Prettier errors out when formatting Apex classes

I have prettier and prettier-plugin-apex node modules installed. Formatting LWC and JSON works fine with prettier but get the below error when formatting Apex files. Never had this issue on my old ...
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1 answer

Prettier Apex Plugin Won't Format Apex

UPDATE: I've been able to run prettier manually using npx prettier --config .prettierrc --write .\force-app\main\default\classes but I still cannot have it to work on save. Hello everyone, I'm ...
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0 answers

Formatting Visualforce Pages in VSCode on Save

can someone confirm how to get prettier working with visualforce pages on save in VSCode? I have tried in a fresh project but it never works. Steps taken: SFDX: Create Project npm install SFD: Create ...