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1 answer

Which Standard object has prefix `0Xx`?

Which Standard object has prefix 0Xx? I was checking here but couldn't find it.
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2 answers

How can I move from a 2nd Generation Package to a 1st Generation package?

I started development of my app using 2nd Gen Packages as recommended but I've hit a couple of bugs - one which is a blocker. However during that time I've used my Package prefix in quite a lot of ...
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2 answers

replace prefixes

Im not sure if I doing this right, I got phone numbers in a form like Phone = '+421\+42199940054' Phone = '+421\+421%' . . . wrong thing are prefixes, wanted only second '+421' My code List<Lead>...
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1 answer

Object Prefix - Third Character

I stumbled across this known issue, "In Winter' 22 release, On Knowledge articles whose recordID has the 3rd character as Capital , Category and Version comparision tabs shows GACK error" ...
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Remove map keys by prefix

Is there an efficient way to remove all map records that start with a specific prefix? For example: Map<String, Account> accMap = new MapMap <String, Account>(); accMap.put('Mr.A', new ...
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Best practice to avoid naming collisions - lwc app

I wonder what is known best practice to deal with name collisions for salesforce lwc applications. Do we need to prefix names of classes, components, etc. with abbreviations. Unlocked package with ...
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