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Omni Routing Queue Threshold Alert

We use Omni Routing for our live chat and one of the features in there is the Omni Supervisor which shows some metrics on queues such as wait times. There is a request where leadership in the call ...
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Modern polling solutions [closed]

Among the several ways we have in salesforce to do polling to 3rd parties using callouts, I see important drawbacks for each of those that make taking a decision difficult. Background solutions are ...
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Is there any way by which we can do long polling in LWC?

I want to get the latest value of a custom field (Complete__c) on the Opportunity. This field gets updated after a trigger runs on the child object of Opportunity on some button click on the UI built ...
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Is there any component equivalent in LWC or AURA for apex:actionPoller?

Is there any component equivalent in LWC or AURA for apex:actionPoller ? I know that we could achieve the functionality of apex:actionPoller by setTimeout() method, but I wonder if we have any ...
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How to call an apex class and visualforce after every 5 seconds to display updated data [closed]

I am fetching the cases and their status using SOQL query in my controller and then displaying it on visualforce using pageblock. I want to keep loading the page/query after every 5 seconds, so that ...
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Component Error - access rights?

I have a Lightning component that works correctly when logged in as a SysAdmin. However, when logged in as a user with a different profile, the error below is received. I have without sharing set in ...
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SOQL on feedpollvote object

Is it possible to write SOQL to display the Last Name and Choice of a user who participated in a Chatter poll. I have the following SOQL so far. I want the actual choice not the choice id. SELECT id,...
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Streaming API Notifications conflict vs polling

Using Streaming API in Lightning requires disabling In-App Notification and Mobile Push Notifications -- because both of these features use CometD (Streaming API) and you can only have one CometD ...
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Is it possible for the server to send messages to Lightning Components?

Let's say I have a component c:Widget which is being displayed in some user's browser. c:Widget displays the contents a Widget__c record. Let's say something causes the Widget__c record to update on ...
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