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Questions tagged [platform-activity]

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Salesforce Org activity for a specific time window

Is there a way to go and look into all the activities in a Salesforce org/Platform for a time window. We had a scenario where in an Account was not present at a specific time and then it was present. ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Can we delete activity history for email messages sent,without deleting the record?

We have a requirement where we want to delete the activity history of the email messages sent. Is there a way to accomplish this without deleting the record itself. Please give insight of the issue ...
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1 vote
1 answer

ExactTarget not requesting config.json for custom Journey Builder Platform Activity

I've more or less successfully configured two custom platform activities for as per Custom Activities - API. They both appear in the journey builder activities: After configuring ...
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Using a custom Journey Builder platform activity

I'm working through the steps in Creating V1 Platform Activities. When or how does a platform activity appear in Journey Builder? Does it need to satisfy all the requirements listed in the Common ...
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