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Placeholder font style is not changing in visualforce

For some reason, placeholder font style is displayed as italic by default instead of regular text and I want to change it to the normal placeholder text. ::-webkit-input-placeholder { font-style: ...
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Adding a placeholder in <lightning-textarea > is causing triggering of onchange event on it in IE browser

Adding a placeholder in lightning-textarea is causing the triggering of onchange event on it in the IE browser. Below is the snippet where I have added placeholder = "Enter value". While ...
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How can we add placeholder in <apex:input type="Date" />?

How can we add placeholder in apex input date field? html-placeholder and placeholder is not working in date field.
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Html-placeholder does not work with input Field

I have a picklist in Salesforce that I am displaying on visualforce page. The picklist by default shows --None-- as an option. Instead of displaying None, I want to display Please Select or maybe ...
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How to reset attribute value to null in Lightning Component?

I'm trying to reset an attribute value to null. But when I execute reset button call, the value in the textbox is cleared BUT it does not get cleared from display. Here is a sample code. TestCmp &...
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