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The PHP toolkit provides an easy way to make Web service API method calls from within PHP.

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Adding to a Shared Data Extension

My company is trying to add to a shared data extension via FuelSDK in PHP and are running into some issues targeting the shared data extension. We've made sure that the following is set up: ...
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Connecting to metadata API in SOAP with token in PHP

I try to call retrieve in SOAP using PHP but I need to login before. For login, I have a token that I get from "" So, I try to pass this token in the ...
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Can't see new fields from PHP

We're running a SOQL query in a PHP/Laravel app, using php-toolkit. The query works fine, but we can't see new fields that we've added to our SF Org. The fields show up if we do a "Salesforce::...
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Illegal character 0x0 when trying to delete more than 200 rows

I'm using salesforce's PHP SOAP client (SforceBaseClient) to attempt to delete records. It's working fine for less than 200 at a time, and I remember reading that you are limited to 200 rows at a ...
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Get values of a picklist on a custom object via PHP SOAP Client

I'm writing a form on a website that submits data to the opportunities object of a SF install. This works but there are picklists in the opportunities object that ideally I want to be replicated ...
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Salesforce PHP API : Creating folder

I am getting error when trying to create a document folder in Salesforce using PHP toolkit. Below is the code that I used. $createFolderFields = array ('name' => $sf_folder_name, ...
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PHP_Toolkit 20.0 Create Duplicate

I am using this example in order to create a new Contact on SF, my question is what happens if the Contact I am creating exists on Salesforce, how can I create that check or how can I tell Salesforce ...
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PHP: Obtain the form "layout" of a custom object via API?

Edit: I may have answered my own question yay! I've just seen DescribeLayout and about to hit that endpoint to see what I get. I am currently using the PHP describeSObject() method to get a list of ...
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