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PhoneGap + MCCordovaPlugin where should ic_notification image be placed?

Trying to do a simple PhoneGap build with MCCordovaPlugin. Keep getting this error: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to get provider com.salesforce.marketingcloud.cordova.MCInitProvider: java....
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Cordova SalesforceSDK - Icons & splash screens not working

I am developing a hybrid android mobile application using Phonegap/Cordova and Salesforce mobile SDK. I am trying to change the icon and splash screen but it is not working as expected. Reference ...
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How to Create a Custom Salesforce Login Page in a HTML/Javscript Phonegap Mobile App

I am developing a salesforce mobile app using HTML5 and Javascript. I want to create a customized login page with their own brand and message to ask user to input username and password(without ...
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Logging in the SalesForce with a PhoneGap APP with a Authenticated Website User

I developed a PhoneGap Connected APP that displays SalesForce logged user account details. Accessing as Administrator can access the information I need. accessing as a regular user (Authenticated ...
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Phonegap + Windows 8: X-Frame-options

I have OAuth set up for portal users as shown here: App works fine in iOS and Android but in Windows 8 ...
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Use Salesforce1 mobile app to access camera

I have this requirement : scan QR code and search for the related contact in salesforce and show it in a mobile app. I was wondering if I could do this using salesforce1 mobile app for iPhone/...
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How to Build hybrid app using salesforce sdk

How to start developing hybrid app from the scratch?I read lot of blogs regarding this but none of the blog provided the right solution....I tried phone gap but the apk hich was delivered using ...
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How to use Adobe PhoneGap Build with Salesforce Mobile SDK v2.0?

I would like to use the Adobe PhoneGap Build service to build a version of a hybrid application for each mobile platform supported by PhoneGap Build. The problem that I've noticed is that even in the ...
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getting data from server as JSON

I need to say at first that I am totally new to salesforce. I started working with this platform since last monday and I have no background. I was told to obtaine JSON data from the server on a click ...
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Media Capture and Upload as Content Version or attachment?

I am building a functionality using mobile SDK.I have a requirement on capturing video and uploading to salesforce attachment or content version Object?
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Upgrade PhoneGap/Cordova version in the SalesforceMobileSDK-iOS

Currently the SalesforceMobileSDK for iOS ( comes with Cordova 1.8.1. Current version of Cordova is 2.1.0. Now I'm facing a desperate need for a ...
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