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Where do I get the Salesforce Marketing Cloud "Public Key" for PGP Encryption?

I remember this used to be "Google-able". For some reason, I can't seem to locate the answer via Google. I have a client that needs to send over their data to Marketing Cloud's SFTP site and ...
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1 answer

PGP Encrypted Marketing Cloud e-mails

Can the Marketing Cloud send PGP encrypted e-mails? This is a fairly short question but I couldn't find anything precise on the topic, either in documentation or via Google. The documentation only ...
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1 answer

Decrypting a PGP File from SFTP Server

Problem The client that I am working with is asking us to encrypt (Using PGP or GPG) files from marketing cloud and insert them onto an SFTP Server. Then, we should create a separate Node JS ...
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How can we encrypt a report in PGP in Datorama Reports inside SFMC?

Hi I tried encrypting a report in Datorama Reports in PGP format but it only shows a checkbox for GPG Encryption. Although hovering to the help it shows "Checking this checkbox will encrypt the ...