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How do you use Salesforce Data Cloud data for personalization in SFMC?

This question is more from an understanding perspective. I am trying to implement omnichannel solutions for a client using Saleforce Data Cloud (SDC) as CDP and SFMC for deployment of messages. The ...
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marketing cloud advanced dynamic content email testing: sending all variations to one email address

I need to a send proof of a complex dynamic content email (20 variations) to a stakeholder on a monthly basis. I stumbled across a salesforce video that says I can create a data extension with black ...
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(Interaction Studio) What could be the reason why an anonimous user - even after logging in - is not merged into the existing user?

I am facing an issue with Personalization (former Interaction Studio): my website has a public area and a private one, that users can access after login; in both these 2 pages we have Personalization ...
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Checking if SalesforceInteractions has been initialized

I'm attempting call to SalesforceInteractions.sendEvent outside of the init function's promise resolution. I would like to be able to check to make sure the object has been initialized before ...
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MC Personalization: Purchase Event triggers and is shown in Event Stream but LTV remains the same

I am beginning to set up Marketing Cloud Personalization (former Interaction Studio) and now have to fire purchase Events through the Event API. Currently, the detection of Purchase Events works and ...
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Marketing Cloud Personalization Content Zone / Template scope

I've recently started working with Marketing Cloud Personalization, and I'm having some difficulty understanding what best practices would be for certain types of changes. As I understand it - the ...
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Personalization string using Contact Data (not Journey Data) in Journey Builder Email

I have a birthday journey, where the entry source is a DE from Salesforce that is overwritten every day to include only those who have their birthday coming up 6 weeks from that day. The first email ...
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Marketing Cloud Personalization: How to apply a campaign to multiple elements with the same class

I'm trying to apply a template/campaign to multiple elements with the same class. The content zone is mapped properly, but the campaign is only being applied to the first instance of the class. I'm ...
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I'm trying to pull in multiple employees names based on who their manager is in an email in Marketing Cloud and can't figure it out

The manager is the recipient and they may have multiple employees that should be in the list below. I want to lookup manager email and then have the employee first and last name populate in ...
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Interaction Studio Web pop without sitemap

is it possible to create a web campaign (exit intent) without the sitemap configuration. I know that, to have a web campaign on the website, we need to define a content zone and this can be done via ...
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