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Why does a Path Assistant field editing requires Save to to clicked twice?

'Additional Documents Required ' is a custom field on the Standard Case Object. It must have a value when the Stage = 'Waiting on Customer Response' I have used the 'Additional Documents Required' in ...
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After deployment from dev sandbox to test sandbox via change sets, Path is not working as expected

After deployment from dev sandbox to test sandbox via change sets, Path is not working as expected... On DEV environment I am able to click on that arrow and it displays fields(3), that I want. But ...
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Path shows only related dependent picklist values of the controlling field

Can we create custom Path component on dependent picklist. The path should show only available value in the dependent picklist. Values can be changed on selection of controlling field. Let say, if ...
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Change set components needed for Path?

What components do I need to move from one org to another to get a path component working on a lightning record page again? I'm using a change set to move the components. I'm currently getting this ...
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Deploying Default_Opportunity.pathAssistant via the Metadata API causes Error: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Programmer error:

As title says, a deploy via Ant is failing when trying to deploy a path on opportunity. After searching, I found a few posts on the Salesforce forums back from 2017 related to this issue, but nothing ...
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Does Path support editing of dependent picklist field?

I've added a dependent picklist field to Path's key fields. However, it displays only the current value and --None--. Sub-Stage field when edited in the path: Sub-stage field when edited from ...
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Can the "Path" element be hidden once the final criteria has been met?

I'm wondering if its possible to turn off or hide the "Path" across the top when the final criteria is met. Then have a new path show up in its place. Currently the only way I can think about getting ...
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Describe for PathAssistant in Apex?

So salesforce has this awesome Path component, which I have created to display the stages of the opportunity. I was trying to check if there is is a way to get the path metadata in apex. Like for ...
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