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Partner communities are a Salesforce community licence type for external partners of the organisation using Salesforce that need access to sales data such as accounts, leads and opportunities.

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Sharing access to partner community users based on record owner

Im trying to write what feels like it should be a simple Apex sharing rule but not having much luck. Basically I want partner users to be able to see all "customers" (custom object) owned by customer ...
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About the 10 custom objects limitation for community licenses

How is the limit applied? Example scenario: User with community profile has visibility to 10 custom objects, and one of those objects is generated by processing information stored on another ...
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Is it Possible to Disable Feed and Topics for an Object Completely at Profile Level / Page LayOuts

I need to display Case object(Detail page) in Portal Page for External users, And i need to Hide the Feed(No More "Show feed / Hide feed ") completely. Is it possible to hide feed in case object ...
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Custom related list button is not working in partner portal

I have created custom button called "New Employee" on employee object and it is related with both account and contact objects via lookup relation. If i click on "New Employee" button on employee ...
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2 answers

Communities Sharing Rules with Partner level access

So Im a little confused about the best way to share content within a salesforce community. We have a number of custom objects with content owned by community members, and our hope is to create "...
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12 votes
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Two factor authentication for Community Users

It looks like standard two factor authentication is not available for community users. Does anybody know a work-around for this?
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programatically create Partner Community Accounts using Apex / API

Our sandbox is refreshed often. To re-create the portal environment on the sandbox entails number of manual steps. Details I have a seven test accounts and each account has exactly one contact. ...
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standard action button disappears after override

We have set-up a partner community for our customer where we have overridden the "new" button on account with a visualforce page (for "classic") and a lightning component (for "lex"). In the "classic"...
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Need help in migrating communities from Sandbox to production

While trying to deploy my community, I have been facing this error : "The page "/PartnerIncentiveClaim" for Menu Item "New Incentive Claim" must be published, begin with a / character, and consists ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Home page for community users

I have created a Vf page now i need to add the Vf page to the community user home page when I log into as community user i am getting a message that : https://partner360-developer-edition.na15.force....
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Are sidebar Javascript workarounds also possible for partner portals / communities?

this solution not works on portal please help??? End of javascript sidebar workarounds?
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Apply multiple sharing set on one object same profile

My goal is to give partner users access to records based on two field on the same object. I use Sharing sets (From setup->communities settings->sharing sets) On opportunity, I have two custom ...
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How can a Partner User will able to see Reports based on Product/Pricebook

As mentioned by the Partner Users can only able to report on S/C-objects which are Private in Sharing Settings, then how can Partner Community User can see Products/Pricebook fields in ...
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Send and Receive Email in Account,Lead,Opportunity,Quotes,Contact and maintain email loop

Is It possible to Send and Receive Email from Account,Lead,Opportunity,Quotes,Case in communities.. I am looking for a working solution for email component in lightning communities. I need a custom ...
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Product Access for Partner Community

Did anybody have experience with enabling Partner Community users with create/edit access for Product objects. I know you can't assign these permissions using the Partner Community Profile, but are ...
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Relationship Fields not Accessible on reports for Partner Community User

I am facing a weird issue with Custom salesforce report on Partner Community. Few of the fields which are otherwise accessible to the Partner user are not visible when the partner community user run ...
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There was an error in registering a user in site Charger_Community. The error message is: portal account owner must have a role

I am registering an account in renault community, but i am getting the following error message, even though the portal account owner has a role assigned. There was an error in registering a user in ...
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