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Cannot login to new Sandbox

We have a new Salesforce org. SSO enabled for user login in Production. I created a new sandbox (Developer Pro) from Production. After Sandbox was created, I got an email Sandbox: xxx is ready to use ...
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Salesforce sandbox template unable to find quote object

I am testing out the sandbox templates for my partial copy sandbox. And it seems that I am not able to select the Quote object to be included in this sandbox template. Is this expected behavior? I can ...
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Sandbox Vs Sandbox Template

I am integrating a native app - inspire Planner- into my org. I have a Partial Sandbox that I want to install it into. I am looking at the documentation and trying to understand the difference between ...
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Partial Copy Sandbox Refresh Question

Had a question regarding refreshing a Partial Copy sandbox, was going through the Salesforce documentation for this and was wondering if the Sandbox already exists, do I need to create a Partial Copy ...
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How to ensure 100% code coverage for isSandbox() method branches [duplicate]

I am using the isSandbox() method outlined in the article Determine the organization's edition and environment via APEX code, to determine whether my current org. is a Sandbox. Sample code from the ...
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Can we refresh Partial Copy sandbox without any data just like developer sandbox

I have a partial copy sandbox created recently and I see that Salesforce loaded around 1.5GB of data from Production. While refreshing partial copy sandbox, I have created a sandbox template including ...
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Groups not showing in partial sandbox

I created a partial sandbox and noticed that the groups in my production instance did not carry over. Is this normal?
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Pros and Cons of Sandbox delete vs refresh

Our partial sandbox is out of date, and before undertaking a new project, our developers suggest deleting the sandbox completely and create from scratch instead of refreshing and renaming it. Can ...
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Which Sandbox Types are Configuration-Only?

This question asks what the difference is between configuration and developer sandboxes, but I want to know which sandbox types are configuration-only. In no documentation are certain types called ...
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Setting up data post refresh of partial copy sandbox. How to satisfy master details relationships without manual effors

We have a plan to refresh one of our partial copy sandbox. we would like to set up all data as it is post refresh as there any many UAT data in sandbox. I searched and found Template based refresh but ...
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Sandbox Templates and data selection

If I make a partial copy sandbox and create a sandbox template to go with it, how is the data selected in the case of Grandparent Parent Child lookup relationships? Is there a ...
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What does a Partial Copy Sandbox actually copy from Production? [duplicate]

Related to this question: Partial Copy Sandbox help required Will this bring a random selection of the data across for each object I select? Can I exclude the record data on an object or would I ...
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Partial Copy Sandbox help required

With a Partial Copy Sandbox can I carry over all function from Production for every object but only sample records for some of the objects? What I want is to be able to get the functionality for the ...
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