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How to override 2nd managed package application home page content?

I have the problem after 2nd gen package installs. All Settings with overriding ar lost. Code example is below <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <CustomApplication ...
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How to keep override standard New/Edit Button After the Production Deployment

I have override standard New/Edit Button of the Custom Object.As the Production Deployment happens override standard New/Edit Button will change to Standard New/Edit Button,For every Production ...
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Get LWC in Password Pages Menu

I'm trying to figure out how to get a Lightning Web Component (LWC), NOT AURA, into the Experience Page Builder menu on the Password Pages menu in the Administration > Login & Registration > ...
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How to remove Classic override for object Tab without bothering Lightning users?

In Classic we used to have Visualforce page overrides for the Account, Lead, Case, ... tabs. Now that all our users have migrated to Lightning, we want to remove all Visualforce pages. The first step ...
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Override Contact Delete button with Custom Visualforce

I'm in the process of finalizing a process which is meant to prevent non-sysAdmin users from deleting Contact records in Salesforce. I have an addError on the trigger already to prevent users from ...
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Send Email to Attendees(Contacts) from Custom Development

We override the salesforce standard event creation with custom lightning component, now we're trying to achieve the sending invites to the attendees from our custom development. We did try to use the ...
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How to Allow Duplicate Contacts when Saving on Overridden Contact Edit Page

I am creating a Visualforce page that will override the Contact New and Edit pages. I know that when a duplicate (based on Email or SSN) Contact is saved from the standard Contact page, the user has ...
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Getting RecordTypeId selected from 'Record Type Selection' Page, in a lightning component that overrides create screen

We have about three different record types for a custom object, for which I am trying to create a lightning component that will override the standard behaviour. In lightning experience, we are ...
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Remove actionOverrides to managed packages

I want to set a flexipage as an org default by adding an action override to Case.object-meta.xml: <actionOverrides> <actionName>View</actionName> <content>Case_Record_Page&...
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Auto filling field values on New Lead Page [closed]

I have a custom button on one of my custom object, whose purpose is to create a New Lead Record, by showing the fields to the users, they fill up the form and lead gets saved. The saved Lead Id will ...
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I need to override the standard detail layout with a page that is compatible with both classic and lightning

I understand there are two approaches to create a page that is compatible with both lightning and classic Create a lightning component and use lightning out to render it on a visualforce page Create ...
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Overriding New button while page layout is overridden by Lightning record page

I have the Account record page (View button) overridden by a custom Lightning record page, and I have set it as the default layout in Service Console. Now if I override the New button with a Lightning ...
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How to display lookup value from related object and opportunity in the same page?

I have an object that is related to an opportunity. I want to override the new opportunity page, so when creating a new opportunity, a related record will also be created. I am able to create the VF ...
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Redirect to a visualforce page with a custom parameter

I am overriding the standard Case page with a custom visualforce page. The custom VF page looks like this: <apex:page standardController="Case" extensions="CreateNewCaseController"> // ...
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Return page from inline edit on standard page when View action is overridden

We have a custom object which has the View action overridden with a custom VF page. This override lets us go directly to the custom VF page from lists and other links within the CRM. Some users ...
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View override and Recent Items list

I noticed when I load a record for an object that has its View overridden with a Visualforce page, it does not put this record into the "Recently Viewed" list. Is there any way to put this record ...
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I am trying to override contact page with custom look up.Getting error

Error:while clicking custom lookup saying "Unknown constructor 'LookupPopupController.LookupPopupController()'" Visualforce page : <apex:page StandardController="contact" extensions="...
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Redirecting to salesforce record type selection page from visualforce page

I am overriding the New button of a custom object using a Visualforce page. Now this vf page's controller does some calculation based on a criteria and assigns a record type to the newly created ...
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Override Standard Documents Home Tab/Document Detail Page

Is it possible to override the Documents home tab or Document detail page's buttons, links, and actions or page layout? Salesforce describes how to override standard buttons and tabs here, but this ...
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Handling Related List Security in Override VF pages

We have created an Override VF page for an object (for e.g. "Parent Object"). There is an object (for e.g. "Child Object"), which has lookup relation ship with "Parent Object". On Override page we ...
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Adding items to a related list of a new Object after insert? Or; Save & Add functionality?

The data is a bit complex in parts so I'll lay it out this way: We have Custom Object A; this is the lowest object in a tier set of them. We have Custom Object B; this is the highest object, and ...
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How to remove Buttons, Pagination in VF Page when enhancedlist tag is used?

I have to Overide Lead Tab view to show Multiple List views Data has blocks in Same Page So I've created a VF page Like this <apex:page > <Apex:pageBlock title="t1"> <apex:...
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