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How to call this pointer in static context [closed]

I have one static class in that where I'm calling one methods using this pointer in my apex class, I'm getting below error. This cannot be referenced in a static context below statement shows you ...
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How to remove The Red 'Error' Text and the Exclamation mark from apex page message [duplicate]

I want to remove the red 'Error' text and the exclamation mark from apex page message and want to show only the Message. Please see image below: Providing sample code for reference: Page: <apex:...
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pageMessages should ignore Database.insert(records, false) errors

I am creating some records in my controller but some of them might fail during insert due to duplication, so I use Database.insert(records, false). It works just fine and ignores records that already ...
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error message show if cityname is already exist on vfpage

want to show error message that if cityname is duplicate then show error message cityname already exists! whats i'm doing wrong anyone please tell When saving record from cities tab and if dupicate ...
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Use Apex: page messages with Java script remoting

I am using javascript remoting in my VF page. I want to display any excpetion coming in Remoting as Apex page messages . Any direct way I can do that? Thanks, Ray
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Output label not conditional

I have a requirement to show page message for a particular selected template. The template selection done here. But render is always returning true in this case. Can someone help me here? <apex:...
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Displaying messages on redirected VF page

This is roughly the same question as in here, I can't comment so I'm re-asking. My problem is that if the redirect is created in the method assigned to apex:page action attribute, the messages are ...
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problem in apex pagemessages on some condition

i want to set the error message on page for below cases.... if i click on SAVE button error message should display... Like "you have not selected any contact" i have list of contacts and select ...
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Inserting a link in an ApexPages message

I was wondering if there's a way to display a link in an ApexPages.Message. There's nothing mentioned in the documentation about it, so I simply did a : ApexPages.Message(ApexPages.Severity.CONFIRM, '...
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Clear Apex:PageMessages without losing viewstate

Is there a way to clear the PageMessages in my controller without losing my Page's viewstate? At the moment I'm doing a ajax call from my visualforce page, which rerenders part of my page, but this ...
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