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Test package-specific logic in yet unpackaged code

We need to use package-specific logic like: Getting the number of Package Licenses (PackageLicense) available in the org This value can be only obtained after packaging the app and installing it on ...
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Salesforce AppExchange - free integration to paid platform

We have a web app that we license per user per month (paid annually). We also built a Salesforce Managed Package that allows Salesforce users to work with our UI inside of iframes on the Opportunity ...
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Is there a way to give platform users read access over the PackageLicense object?

I am experiencing an issue when trying to use a feature in a managed package. From the debug logs it seems the package is querying the PackageLicense object. My read of the debug logs is that the user ...
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How to check if another managed package from same namespace is installed - 2GP

Scenario: Single namespace with multiple 2nd generation managed packages. Core |-Extension 1 |-Extension 2 In this example how can I determine whether or not Extension 1 is installed from Extension 2?...
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I am getting issue in Salesforce Maps License issue in Salesforce

I am trying to Install Package in Salesforce Maps & facing issue not showing manage License.
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Managed Package Platform Event and DML by unlicensed user

I am working on a managed package which will be licensed per user. The package will include two features: Feature A: Global Apex Class that publishes platform events (also packaged). Trigger on this ...
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Used license field is not getting updated in LMA

I want to track the used licenses in LMA and I believe that is handled by LMA itself. But somehow my Used Licenses field is not getting updated in LMA. Now, as per Salesforce documentation this field ...
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Control Number of Managed Package Custom Object records that can be created using Licensing

I'd like to control the number of namespace__Team__c records that can be created using either the LMA or FMA for our Managed Packaging. We could write a Trigger to control/limit the number of records ...
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How does Salesforce handle Managed Package Licences between Packages?

So I have a managed package we'll call Package Core. It has various components, incl custom fields on Account and Contact. It is licensed by user, and works as expected - no license, no access to the ...