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How to get user Managed Packages

My overall goal is to know for each app from the AppExchange Marketplace which users are using it (or are allowed to use it) in the organization. At first I tried to fetch the Installed Packages with ...
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Licensed Seats Self Service

we have a managed package listed in the AppExchange which uses the licensed seats licensing model. Frequently, our customers ask us to increase the licensed seats by email and for this we have to ...
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Do I have options on creating multiple license types for a single app published on AppExchange?

As far as I know this use case isn't clear in the documentation, so I'm going to elaborate a bit here: The use case is an app that can be divided onto two parts, pre-sales (1) and after-sales (2) (but ...
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Test package-specific logic in yet unpackaged code

We need to use package-specific logic like: Getting the number of Package Licenses (PackageLicense) available in the org This value can be only obtained after packaging the app and installing it on ...
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Salesforce AppExchange - free integration to paid platform

We have a web app that we license per user per month (paid annually). We also built a Salesforce Managed Package that allows Salesforce users to work with our UI inside of iframes on the Opportunity ...
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Is there a way to give platform users read access over the PackageLicense object?

I am experiencing an issue when trying to use a feature in a managed package. From the debug logs it seems the package is querying the PackageLicense object. My read of the debug logs is that the user ...
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I am getting issue in Salesforce Maps License issue in Salesforce

I am trying to Install Package in Salesforce Maps & facing issue not showing manage License.
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Managed Package Platform Event and DML by unlicensed user

I am working on a managed package which will be licensed per user. The package will include two features: Feature A: Global Apex Class that publishes platform events (also packaged). Trigger on this ...
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Used license field is not getting updated in LMA

I want to track the used licenses in LMA and I believe that is handled by LMA itself. But somehow my Used Licenses field is not getting updated in LMA. Now, as per Salesforce documentation this field ...
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Control Number of Managed Package Custom Object records that can be created using Licensing

I'd like to control the number of namespace__Team__c records that can be created using either the LMA or FMA for our Managed Packaging. We could write a Trigger to control/limit the number of records ...
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How does Salesforce handle Managed Package Licences between Packages?

So I have a managed package we'll call Package Core. It has various components, incl custom fields on Account and Contact. It is licensed by user, and works as expected - no license, no access to the ...