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Issue deploying using Package Manager that contains Synchronized Data Extensions

I'm trying to deploy a package that I created using Package Manager in marketing cloud. We have an Enterprise 2.0 account. The package was created in a child BU and is being deployed to a child BU. I ...
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Marketing Cloud - Documentation for Package Manager JSON Objects

Is there documentation for the properties in the Package Manager JSON objects? For example, I packaged a single Data Extension and exported the package. Below is the part that defines fields. I want ...
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How to add this Custom Object to Package in Package Manager?

I want to add Commerce Diagnostic Custom Object to the package. It should show up in Custom Objects under the 'Hawkeye' package I'm creating, but it doesn't. How can I add this to the package?
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Can't install iOS ServiceChat with swift package manager

I have followed the steps defined here to integrate ServiceChat in my existing iOS app: