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Case Assignment rule emails come from Org-wide default no-reply address - but only for some users

Recently, my business user reported that Experience Cloud-initiated Case Assignment rules were sending emails with a from address of the default no-reply Org Wide Email address - but not all users. ...
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Org Wide Email Address being found but not being set

I have scheduled code that sends emails - I am able to see it finds the verified email address but it is not used in the sends. Is there another step after implementing this block? My debug returns ...
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Case Creation-Email Notification Not Using Org wide address

We are wanting to send emails to customers with the Org Wide Address which is set up to use all profiles and as default. When sending a case creation email notification the email sent is from whoever ...
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SendEmail failed.[...] first error: INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_ON_CROSS_REFERENCE_ENTITY when Messaging.sendEmail via guest user on a site

We have a public site which uses a guest user to execute the logic of all its aura components/classes... We are facing an issue when this guest user tries to send an email through Messaging.sendEmail(...
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Where is the From address set for this batch class?

Our site has a scheduled batch job to send a templated mailing. It uses one of our Org Wide Addresses as the From. Please notice that the existing code does not have a setOrgWideEmailAddressId() ...
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Verfication Email link from 'EmailToApexHandler' doesn't work

I have followed the steps outlined in the answer of how-to-leverage-org-wide-email-address-within-an-email-service to verify the Email Service Address generated by Salesforce. I'm attempting to verify ...
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How to get over OrgWideAddress in Test Class [duplicate]

Is there any way to "skip" the lines or either create the data without using @SeeAllData=ture? I didn't found a solution without using it. Thanks.
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Why is this profile missing in the options of an org-wide email address and also the profile list in setup?

We have a custom profile called Customer Community Profile. User license is Guest User License. We also have an org-wide email address from which certain emails are sent via Apex. I need to allow ...
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How do you handle deployment of changes unsupported in metadata api?

We are a team with three orgs. Development, UAT and Production. We are trying to move away from changesets and manual copying and use various deploy mechanisms or scratch orgs but we cannot deploy ...
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Checking if an ORG Wide Email Address has been verified in Apex [duplicate]

I'm running into an issue where emails are not sending when an Org Wide Email Address is not verified. No exception is thrown either. In apex, I'm resolving the ORG wide that matches the users email: ...
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“Unverified org Wide Email Address” Error on Workflow even if email is verified [duplicate]

We have a org wide email addressed which has been "Verified" into our sandbox. I understant org wide email addressed is unsupported metadata, so this was achieved as pre deployment step. ...
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Set Organization wide email as TO address for SingleEmailMessage

I want to use an organization wide email address as both to and from address (to send notifications to an email alias). Method setOrgWideEmailAddressId(emailAddressId) only sets from address. I can ...
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"Unverified org Wide Email Address" Error on Workflow in sandbox even if email is verified

We have a org wide email addressed which has been "Verified" into our sandbox. I understant org wide email addressed is unsupported metadata, so this was achieved as pre deployment step. Into our ...
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