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Discrepancy when using Opportunity Splits for Forecasting Expected Revenue

Requirement: We want to do Sales Forecasting based on the Expected Revenue field on Opportunity (i.e. Probability x Amount). Based on this StackExchange post, it looks like we have to enable ...
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Enable Opportunity Splits - Scratch Org

Working with scratch orgs, I need to enable OpportunitySplits completely at the point of Scratch Org Creation, and Source Push. Currently, when successfully pushing the below files and settings. The ...
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Dependent Picklist Not Working on Edit Opportunity Split Screen

I've created a custom dependent picklist on the Opportunity Split objects and on testing the dependency on an individual Opp Split record it works well however on the Edit Opportunity Splits screen ...
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Why is SOQL query is returning deleted Opportunity split record

I have an Opportunity, under which I had initially added two Opportunity split records. But later I deleted one of the Split records among them using the delete button in the UI, as I didn't need it ...
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Enable Opportunity Teams/Opportunity Split in scratch org definition file

Is there a way to enable Opportunity Teams in a scratch org definition file? I tried this in my file but it didn't work. { "settings": { "opportunitySettings": { ...
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Any workaround for enabling create opportunity splits for users of lower role hierarchy than the record owner?

Just saw in the ideas that a functionality is not available till now, that a user having lower role hierarchy than that of the opportunity owner, is not having access to the "Edit Opportunity Splits" ...
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Cannot Insert Opportunity In Test Class When Splits Are Enabled

We have Splits enabled in our org. I would like to insert an Opportunity and to assign it to a user that have Opportunity Team Members configured in his user details, so Salesforce will insert all ...
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OpportunitySplit shows up as OpportunitySplitType in Query Plan?

Why is every query done over OpportunitySplit is always showing the OpportunitySplitType as main SObject Type in the query plan? Can this affect to the performance when trying to filter opportunities ...
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2 answers

split Opportunity values by month

I have a problem with another trigger. We have Opps with periods more than a month, usually, 6 or 12 months. When I ran a report, it only gives me the total value of the opp for each month, how can i ...
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How can OpportunitySplits take up twice the space of an Opportunity?

As per the above image I have 20K Opportunities and consequentially 40K splits. It seems that there is a revenue and overlay split record for each opportunity. Fair enough. What I can't understand is ...
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Salesforce API Opportunities split System.DmlException: INVALID_CROSS_REFERENCE_KEY, Unable to create an opportunity team member

I am new to salesforce.I have enabled oppotunity split with check box checked for team enabled. While i run some code or through salesforce api i am getting the following error System.DmlException: ...
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Opportunity Split Using APEX and Visulforce Page

Has anybody developed Opportunity Split and Opportunity Overlay functionality using APEX and Visualforce page ? I have developed but the problem is I'm using wrapper class inside it so it taking more ...
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How to insert opportunity splits based on amount

I want to insert opportunity splits based on below values: Opportunity id user 1, amount - x user 2, amount - y user 3, amount - z Looking at the fields of opportunity splits, we have field ...
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Is there a way to have a won opportunity be shared by two owners for commission purposes?

Most of our sales have a simple commission structure, with the Account Executive (Opportunity Owner) getting their contracted % of the sale and if a junior team member set up the demo for them they ...
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Split fails in the trigger

My code in unable to split hyphen. PLease have a look to my statement if I am wrong here. trigger ACCOUNT_AFTER_INSUPD_NAME on Account (before insert , before update) { /*List<Account> acc = ...
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Opportunity Split Amount not updating

Anyone experience an issue where Opportunity Split Amount is not updating? My users are creating new opportunities, then creating quotes, which syncs products back to the opportunity (the Opportunity ...
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