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OOB - Out of The Box.

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Is there any work around to launch screen flow from Process builder

I have a requirement where I need to provide a modal window to user when Case status changes to Revise Invoice status . He can then select Account and a child case gets created under that account . ...
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Roll back data on a record if rejected via approval process

Is there a way to roll back the changes (data) if the record is rejected by the approver using standard approval process in salesforce? I've checked and it seems there is no OOB to do this. Is trigger ...
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Can we delete activity history for email messages sent,without deleting the record?

We have a requirement where we want to delete the activity history of the email messages sent. Is there a way to accomplish this without deleting the record itself. Please give insight of the issue ...
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Out of box Salesforce?

What does salesforce out of the box mean? I came across this term and couldn't find any documentation. If anyone could explain or suggest any references, it will be helpful. Thanks
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