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Selecting Single Row with Lightning Datatable

I’m building an extended lighting datatable, I’m required to allow the users to select one account at a time, and default the first table row to be checked. I cannot use max-row-selection because we ...
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I have a button in LWC Datatable which will view cases, i want to switch between hide/view case using same button inside LWC datatable. How to achieve

Below is my component, when i click view case it shows all cases associated with the account, and should change the label to hide case. And when clicked on hide case it should hide the cases shown ...
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Pulling out a data from Row (onrowselection) LWC

I am new in programming and salesforce. I have a little problem i have code with datatable and I want pull out my data from row with help of onrowselection. Exacly I what to see in consol log or toast ...
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Maintain Row Selection in Pagination with Data which does not have any unique Id [closed]

Aim: Maintain Row Selection across the paginated data. Problem: My data is not having any column which has unique data (for example id). Details: I tried something like LWC Datatable - Get the Row ...
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