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How to Authorize VS Code to Dev Org with SSO/Okta

I am looking to authorize my VS Code to an org that utilizes SSO/Okta. How can this be done?
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Generating and Signing JWT for OKTA API call

I have been working on this for forever now. Need: Call "" to receive a token for use in future calls. I am able to do this with postman just fine, trying ...
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SSO and CA-signed certificates

We are trying to set up SSO with Okta for our prod salesforce instance. And one of the compliance requirements from our IT/security department is to use only CA-signed certificates, i.e. self-signed ...
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MFA is needed starting Nov 12, 2023

On the 12th of November we will only be able to access Salesforce by confirming the verification through MFA, in our case we are doing it through Okta. We have a total of 149 users, of which 136 are ...
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Salesforce community login flow while using OKTA authentication is not complete in Mobile Publisher Playground resulting into links not working

I have created a custom login page for a salesforce community and I am using OKTA authentication for that. I am using mobile publisher playground. So once I put all the credentials, It logs me into ...
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Will "Disable login with Salesforce credentials" lock-out Administrators as well?

We have Okta setup as a SSO provider for Salesforce. We want to restrict all non-Administrators from logging in with their Salesforce Username and Password. However, we still want Administrators to be ...
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Condition membership of experience site based on permission set for users created with createUser handler code

We have created handler code which works great for a community when the community is set to allow membership based on the profile that is also assigned by the handler code. We have a requirement ...
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One human, two Salesforce user seats - Okta SAML SSO - How to configure?

In our org, we have some people with two Salesforce user seats, representing different personas and permissions Example: George Washington (the human) - with a single Okta Active Directory entry Has ...
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Single Logout (SLO) for Salesforce Community using OIDC and Okta

Background Context & Goal: Our end goal is to allow users to log in and log out of a salesforce community using okta credentials (via an openid auth. provider). When customers logout of the ...
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What is "Request Signing Certificate" used for?

Does anyone know what this certificate is used for? We use Okta as IDP and the SSO work well even though I didn't upload this certificate into Okta.
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Salesforce SSO - unique usernames needed between Sandbox and prod environment?

Our team is trying Salesforce and we have a sandbox and a production Salesforce. To use SSO (Okta) are we able to use same SSO login to both environments? Because email address to my knowledge has to ...
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3 votes
1 answer

SSO: Enable Multiple Configs - considerations

In our Salesforce Org, our internal users sign on via Single Sign On in our Identity Provider, Okta. We are looking use Okta for our partner community users as well, and to do so, we need to add a ...
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REST API Call to OKTA with filter fail

I'm building an integration with OKTA using APEX. One of the actions I need to call is: get all the users which has updated in the past hour. I'm executing the following code and get an error: 400 ...
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