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0 answers

Salesforce Flow - Is it possible to update a dynamic field?

I currently have a Record-Triggered Flow on Lead object which is not really complex, but with a lot of possible issue, and I'm pretty sure it can be improved. This Flow is basically updating some &...
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0 answers

Mapping Problem

Hello I am supporting Data Loader user and I can't figure out why mapping is not working. When I am trying to click "Next >", nothing happens. Could you please help me on this? Thank you ...
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3 answers

how to know which all child objects has relationship with opportunity in salesforce. (Opportunity is parent)

I need to know which all objects have parent as Opportunity. Is there any easy way to get the details?
2 votes
2 answers

SOQL Join Opportunity, OpportunityLineItem, and Custom Object

I'm trying to join two standard objects, and a custom object. I need to join OpportunityLineItem, Opportunity, and MyObject. All tables have references to each other. MyObject has ...
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4 answers

Is there any way to retrieve sum of grandchild field values on parent object

I am trying to iterate from parent to grandchild. Is there any way to do this as I want to show the sum of grandchild field value on parent object. please suggest me the best solution to do this other ...
3 votes
2 answers

Anyone know of any open source ORM (domain layer) initiatives for Salesforce?

Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) mechanisms are widely available and used in other technology stacks, usually involving code generation. But searching here for ORM doesn't yield too much. While ...