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UserPermissionsMarketingUser is visible on the User Detail record for user records but it cannot be found in Object Manager

I can select or deselect UserPermissionsMarketingUser for User detail records manually. The field is visible. However, when I click on the Fields and Relationships for the User object using Object ...
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How to group fields and duplicate group

I'm new in Salesforce and i would like to know two things, I try to create a custom object in Object Manager, it looks like this for now I have a section named "Personne" where i can add ...
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Prompt object is not seen in Object Manager

"Prompt" Standard object is not seen in the Object Manager. But it is visible in the Developer Console -> Open resource.
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My tab style selector isn't working

After I create a new object and have to select the style for the tab, every time I click a style it doesn't select it and I am unable to create the tab. The style's aren't in use so I am unsure as to ...
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