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Can't find this field under any object in Salesforce

Im building a report under "Contacts with Activities" and there is a field called "Assigned". I tried looking in every single object, in object manager, and the closest thing I ...
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2 answers

Prompt object is not seen in Object Manager

"Prompt" Standard object is not seen in the Object Manager. But it is visible in the Developer Console -> Open resource.
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What fields are shown in the object manager (Activities)?

If I query fields by using: task_fields = pd.DataFrame(sf.query( "SELECT QualifiedApiName, Label FROM FieldDefinition WHERE EntityDefinition.Label IN ('Task')")[ ...
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Why does the Search Layouts for Salesforce Classic tab in Object Manager still show in a Lightning org?

My company has completed conversion to Lighting and disabled Classic for all users. This tab still shows in the Object Manager. I haven't found a way to remove or disable these layouts. What's the ...
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My tab style selector isn't working

After I create a new object and have to select the style for the tab, every time I click a style it doesn't select it and I am unable to create the tab. The style's aren't in use so I am unsure as to ...
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Object Manager access

How can I give access to Object manager to a particular user having the profile which not having access to object manager.? Any Alternate way other than assigning System Admin Profile , Also I dont ...
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UserPermissionsMarketingUser is visible on the User Detail record for user records but it cannot be found in Object Manager

I can select or deselect UserPermissionsMarketingUser for User detail records manually. The field is visible. However, when I click on the Fields and Relationships for the User object using Object ...
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Custom Objects in Salesforce but Not Visible in Object Manager or Scheme Builder

I have some custom survey objects that I have uploaded via the data import wizard. But the objects are not available in the scheme builder or object manager. They are in the org because I can populate ...
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Why is CaseTeamMember not displayed in the Object Manager?

I was just looking at the Object Manager and noticed that the CaseTeamMember object is not displayed there. I can see AccountTeamMember and CampaignMember but not CaseTeamMember. Does anybody know ...
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