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Apex Naming Conventions Formatter

I'd like to auto format apex class/method/field names on pre-commit hook. I'm looking for rules like PMD fieldnamingconventions but to be automatically formatted like Prettier can do. https://pmd....
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Best Practices - Changing Standard Object names

I'm a SF architect for my company and set standards and conventions for my admin and development team. Our company is a large enterprise that is made up of a number of acquistions, close to 20 in ...
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fflib service layer naming convention

I read an article about the service layer here. The names for the services are OpportunitiesService.cls or AccountsService.cls. Does the names of the services always follow the pattern {plural Sobject}...
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Does Capitalization in API Names Matter?

We're migrating to Salesforce and the question has come up whether API name capitalization matters or not. I know SOQL queries are case-insensitive. Where would the capitalization of API names make ...
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Is it possible to use another name for the TestDataFactory class

I have followed the trailheads for making a TestDataFactory. In the documentation it states that the TestDataFactory is a special class used for testdata. What isn't clear to me is can I change the ...
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Why Salesforce naming conventions are like what they are?

So in salesforce while naming any custom object or any custom filed the spaces between the two words are replaced by an underscore and it add __c in the end. But why cannot they just remove space and ...
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How to automatically enforce naming conventions across a SalesForce organisation, as an Administrator?

Following another question that was asking what are good naming conventions for SalesForce, I have another question about how to enforce such conventions, automatically, if possible. We are 2 ...
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Custom Labels - naming conventions - best practices?

We're about to start refactoring a bunch of hard-coded text from a client's Lightning Components and Visualforce pages into Custom Labels so that they can support multi-language users. Unfortunately ...
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Naming conventions for component, event, helper parameters in Lightning Components?

Examples variously call the component component or cmp but there are so many references to the component or event or helper in typical code that I'm thinking it's time to reserve the single letter ...
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Report Folder and Report Name Control (Validation? Workflow? Apex?)

Is there a way to control (to any degree) the naming conventions of Report Folders and Reports? I'm not finding a solution via Google searches or Salesforce resources. Some examples: Block create/...
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Shortening IF formula for multiple variations of a Custom naming convention Field

I have a Custom Field formula that spits out different naming conventions according to specific rules. The main issue I'm having is when I try to add additional IF statements, my compiled formula goes ...
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Deployment Naming Convention

After committing many deployments I have realized that having a stable/structured naming convention would help me better asses the historical commits. Also when there is more then 1 developer on the ...
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Do standard lookups always follow: FieldName = RelationshipName + "Id"?

Can we say that all standard lookups/master-details/polymorphic fields follow a consistent naming convention across all standard objects? I'm talking about this pattern: field name = field ...
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Why does SFDC mean Salesforce?

I am curious to know why SFDC has come to be associated with Salesforce.
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