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Can I as a customer of Salesforce choose my preferred partner or reseller to purchase licenses?

Is anybody aware of a restriction that Salesforce put on my to purchase my licenses. So, if my company is based in Europe can Salesforce forbid me to purchase my licenses via a SF partner or reseller ...
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I have a formula component to assign Regions depending on country input of a lead. However, the formula is too long. Is there a workaround?

The requirement is to automate choosing regions, subregions, and theaters with the country input. We want this for reporting leads based on regions which is not offered by Territory Management feature ...
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Translations in Lightning Web Component

I have to build a Lighting Web component which would be exposed to the Lightning community for guest user License. I want this component to be multi-lingual. The language will be passed in the URL. ...
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What is the best approach for multi-regional community

We currently have a community. Previously, we use different domain names for US, AU, and NZ, but all these redirect to only 1 community. But recently, NZ and US wants to have slightly different ...
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