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Questions tagged [mock]

Mock classes are used in testing to simulate the responses of real code in a controlled, reproducible fashion. In particular, HTTPCalloutMock and WebServiceMock classes are used to supply response values to callouts made during a unit test.

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LWC - Jest test for Apex calls in wired function

We have a class that calls the getRecord uiAPI and then using the result makes an APEX call to get more details from another custom object. import { LightningElement, api, wire, track } from 'lwc'; ...
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Mock a class that implements Schedulable using Stub API

I'm using Stub API ( to mock a class that implements Schedulable and because of this I'm getting an ...
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ApexMock FileNotFound Exception

I am trying to learn how to write tests for apex services using ApexMocks framework. I want to generate Mock classes through apex-mocks-generator and I am following simple instructions given in this ...
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With LWC Jest, how to mock custom components

I'm trying to unit test my LWC which has another custom component as child. I tried to use the steps describe in this post : import { createElement } from 'lwc'; import EfxProjectReport from 'c/...
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Post callout behavior assertions for unit test with static resource callout mock fail

I have a working queueable callout, and working tests using static resource callout mock I can successfuly run basic assertions on the mock response body and status. However, the callout method in ...
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Stub API not calling trigger

I am using Apex DML mocking using stub api and got a reference from multiple blogs,
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Proper way to mock svg html template in Jest?

I want to create lwc component which selectively renders svg from html template files. I wonder how to mock that templates for the needs of JEST test. Import the same templates for component and test ...
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Is it possible to mock an approval process through Apex?

I have a generic piece of code that is responsible of approve a record. It does not assume the SObject type nor the process definition. For example, something like the following: public static Boolean ...
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How to use Apex Mockery Lib for simple scenario?

Was wanting to use Stub API for mocking test for some time but had been too busy to try it out. I saw some devs recommending FFLib but I find it too heavy a framework for most SF envs. So looking for ...
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LWC Jest: test a component that uses lightning/toast

The lightning/toast utility is GA as of Winter '24, but I haven't seen anything on StackExchange or in the docs about how to write tests for components that use it. One you import it into a component ...
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How to mock AuthSession in test class

I want to cover this method : @AuraEnabled public static void endUserSession(Id userId){ List<AuthSession> uSessions = [ select Id , UsersId FROM AuthSession WHERE UsersId =:userId AND ...
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How to generate key prefix for "unstable" types

I use a mocking framework that exposes a method for generating mock record ids. The utility method uses getKeyPrefix() to mock an Id. This works for most object types but doesn't work for __Share ...
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Mock Webservice called from a trigger repeats until I get a 'too many callouts: 101' message

I'd really appreciate any suggestions that the group may have. I'm writing a test class for a SalesForce trigger that calls a webservice. The trigger works fine in the Sandbox environment, but ...
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I am mocking a routing rule object by using the JSON list below that has an ID of type Routing_Rule__c. The Test is about creating some rules and setting some flags that would cause the lead object to ...
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